How do I order a MuZicCard? (See “How It Works”)

Why am I getting so many emails from MuZicCardZ?

After you order and send an eCard, you will receive three (3) emails from MuZicCardZ for that specific order:

  1. Invoice: The first email is your sales receipt and is sent to you the same day you place your order.
  2. Your MuZicCard was sent: MuZicCardZ can be scheduled up to a year in advance. This email will be sent to you on the date you selected for delivery of the MuZicCard. If you elected to send a card on the same day as the order was placed, it will be the second email you receive from us that day.
  3. Read Receipt: On the day of delivery, your Recipient will receive an email from us saying that you sent them an eCard, and, in that email will be a link to view their MuZicCard. When they click on that link and view their eCard, you will receive an email from us saying your video eCard was viewed.

Can you save my personal information?

Yes. Once you’ve selected an eCard to send, you will go to the Address and Add Greetings page, where you are instructed to input your personal information. There is a box above the text asking you if you want us to create an account with us. You will select a Username and a Password. Then, you will receive an email from MuZicCardZ, saying Welcome to MuZicCardz, and providing you with a link to review your orders and change your password.

After that, when you select and eCard to send and go to the Address and Add Greetings page, there will be a box saying “Returning Customer, Click Here To Log-in.” Click on that box, and input your User Name and Password there, and all of your information will be pre-populated.

Can you save my credit card information?

No. We use a separate eCommerce solution that allows you to use credit cards through PayPal.  This assures that your credit card information is safe and secure. We do not have access to your credit card information.

Can you save my Recipient’s information?

Not at this time. That is a feature we will include in future version. At that time we will offer you a chance to set up an Address Book and save special dates.

I forgot my password. How do I re-set it?

Go to  Type in your User Name and follow the instructions.

If you do not remember your User Name, contact us at:

How do I know my eCard was sent?

After you address and add your greeting and go to the payment page and enter your payment information, look for a gray box with white type (under your total) that says “Place Order”. Click on that button. You’ll see a swirly circle, indicating your eCard is being scheduled. When it stops, you’ll see a page come up that says your card was successfully sent, and it will show you the message you sent. There! You know your card was scheduled!

Why wasn’t my eCard received?

There are several possible reasons a Recipient did not receive your MuZicCard.

First – correct email address. An eCard may not be deliverable because the email address was typed incorrectly or is out-of-date. Please check for typing errors and email address changes.

Second – routing by the Recipient’s Internet Service Provider (ISP). Certain ISPs such as Yahoo! and AOL automatically intercept email they assume is bulk mail or “spam” and only allow personal messages into a Recipient’s email box. Those decisions are not made by the email address holder and that person may never know a piece of email did not get to them.

Third – email configuration by the Receiver. Sometimes individuals select medium or high Spam Filters when they configure their incoming email choices. Some “blocked” email may appear in their Spam or Junk Folder, but, not always. Ask your Recipient to add to their Safe Sender’s List, so that they can receive future MuZicCardZ.


If you know your Recipient did not receive their MuZicCard, please forward the email confirmation you received from us to the Recipient. The confirmation contains the URL they can click on to see their MuZicCard.

I’m a musician. How can I offer my fans MuZicCardZ?

Click on the Musician Sign Up link at the top of each page and there is a place on that page to Contact Us.


How do I get help if I still have a question?

Please email us at: