How do I order MuZicCardZ?

  1. At any time, select the image of the Musician eCard you’d like to view. Hover over their image and click on it. You’ll start the 3 Step Process.
  2.  Step One – See the Card. On this page you can view the entire MuZicCard and decide if you’d like to send it. If so, click on “Address and Add Greetings”
  3. Step Two – Address & Add Greeting. Enter your personal information and the name and email address of your MuZicCardZ Recipient. Next, enter a personal note. You’ll be asked to enter a Delivery Date. Note: You MUST enter a date, even if it’s today’s date. The eCard can be scheduled up to a year in advance. When all of the information is entered, hit the SEND button.
  4. Step Three –  Payment. You’ll be taken to the Payment Page. Select how you want to pay: (1) With a PayPal Account, or (2) With a Credit Card. When you’re ready, click Place Order. When your order has been processed you’ll be taken to a Confirmation Page displaying your message and MuZicCard. You’re done!


For other questions, please see our FAQ page.

How do I get help if I still have a question?

Please email us at: