Musicians: Join Us On MuZicCardZ!

Do you want to offer your own Online Music Video eCards for sale on MuZicCardZ?

Well, you can! You provide us with a video of songs you own (or songs in the public domain). If we post it for sale you get royalties for each eCard sold. It’s that simple.

The songs we’ll accept:

  1. The traditional “Happy Birthday To You”.
  2. A Christmas song in the public domain.
  3. Your own song. Like, a love song that could be used for Valentine’s Day or a “just because I’m thinking of you” song. You must own the rights to the song.

Questions? Contact us at:

Interested? It’s easy. Here’s how.

  1. Contact us using the form below. No other emails will be considered.
  2. We’ll email you back with more information. In that email we’ll provide:
    A. The royalty and licensing structure
    B. Rules and regulations for video submissions
    C. Video Licensing Agreement download link
  3. If you decide to join us, and want to record and submit a video for consideration, we’ll supply you with a link to upload your video.
  4. If your video is approved, we’ll turn it into a MuZicCard and offer it on this website for sale.

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