“Austin’s Favorite Music Artists Sing to Your Loved Ones..”

By March 27, 2017

February 27, 2017
By Joleen Jernigan

Forget cake! Why not send a slice of local music to celebrate a special occasion? You can email anyone a video music card for holidays, as a love song or even an apology through Austin-based MuZicCardZ. For a few dollars, you go online, choose a favorite local musician and have their song sent straight to your loved one’s inbox.

Founder Tina Williamson knows Austin music and loves it every bit as much as we do. She started MuZicCardZ with a background in marketing and years of Austin life under her belt. She rued the fact that sending cards via snail mail was becoming less popular, but still loved making her friends feel special. The online card selection Williamson found was either too cheesy or too frilly for her taste. She knew she couldn’t be the only one.

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